• The Collection Has Grown

    From everything I've heard, it's incredibly common to fill a bookshelf as you go through the conversion process, and my journey has been no exception.

  • Semester 2 Begins

    Hello! Here I am, once again, popping up from the blue after many many months away. Class is starting up again, so I feel like I'll maybe have a little more motivation to share things.

  • Purim

    The Purim class/discussion was really interesting and really validating.

  • Torah study

    I woke up at 9am on a Saturday completely voluntarily to log into a zoom Torah study discussion group.

  • Sex and Feelings

    I got started this afternoon on some of my reading for my next LJL class. Our topic next week is Life Cycle 2 - Marriage. I wasn't expecting a lot of feelings about this one because on the whole I'm not particularly tied to the idea of marriage, and I don't have any idea if I'm going to have one or anything like that. This expectation overlooked an obvious fact in Judaism.