• Sex and Feelings

    I got started this afternoon on some of my reading for my next LJL class. Our topic next week is Life Cycle 2 - Marriage. I wasn't expecting a lot of feelings about this one because on the whole I'm not particularly tied to the idea of marriage, and I don't have any idea if I'm going to have one…

  • LJL #1- Life Cycles 1 – Birth

    First class was really cool! It was apparently a sort of non-traditional start to the class because we had an interesting guest speaker who was available for the first half but not the second. We got into the nitty gritty details of how the class was going to work at the end.

  • Study Methods

    So I’ve started doing some of the reading for class (you know, the one that doesn’t start for 2 more weeks?) and I’ve got a bit of a study plan worked out, that I’m going to write here to share and to keep track.

  • This Isn’t New #2

    Me, doing reading for class: why do I know so much already? Is it all going to be basic common knowledge stuff?

  • New books!

    My next set of books has arrived!! I’m really excited. I’m pretty sure that of the 6 I’ve gotten so far, only 3 are mandatory for the class. The rest were just because I’m a nerd.

  • This Isn’t New #1

    Okay I want a section for posts about things that remind me that I’m not just chasing down a momentary special interest.