• The Collection Has Grown

    From everything I've heard, it's incredibly common to fill a bookshelf as you go through the conversion process, and my journey has been no exception.

  • Journal Entries, Spring 2021

    The following pages contain all of my journal entries for the Spring 2021 semester. Some of it is personal, some of it is stuff I'd tell to any friend or stranger on the street. Enjoy.

  • Chaos

    I have now learned the Hebrew sort of equivalent word for chaos, in the sense of "what the world was before god started making the world."

  • Semester 2 Begins

    Hello! Here I am, once again, popping up from the blue after many many months away. Class is starting up again, so I feel like I'll maybe have a little more motivation to share things.

  • Purim

    The Purim class/discussion was really interesting and really validating.

  • Attention Span of a…

    Well, here we are, with only 2 weeks left of the first semester of class and I'm finally remembering that I should update things here.

  • Torah study

    I woke up at 9am on a Saturday completely voluntarily to log into a zoom Torah study discussion group.