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The Collection Has Grown

From everything I’ve heard, it’s incredibly common to fill a bookshelf as you go through the conversion process, and my journey has been no exception. I’ve amassed a collection of books that I have read honestly very little of. I want to read more, so I am keeping them available.

Some of the books in this picture will be familiar, books that I got for class at the beginning. Some of them I only purchased for the most recent semester, and some have been recommended or mentioned along the way.

My favorite thus far has been The Talmud For Beginners, seen on the far left. R. Folberg recommended the work of this woman to me when I expressed an interest in studying Talmud. I’ll link her website in another post because it is full of beautiful insights and very accessible Talmud study.

I am trying to start a practice of reading before bed, which I have only managed once since I decided to try. Hopefully moving forward I’ll have better luck with that practice.

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