Attention Span of a…

Well, here we are, with only 2 weeks left of the first semester of class and I’m finally remembering that I should update things here. For anyone who knows me, this should not be a terrible surprise.

I’ve learned so much over the past few months, about holidays and traditions and morals and beliefs. The most recent class was about God, the concept and it does or doesn’t interact with our lives. We were given a chance to say where we landed on the statement “The word God has meaning in my life”, rating from 1 (none) to 5 (most). I picked a 3, and listened to others who chose 3 echo the thoughts that I have. I am not a believer in an anthropomorphic God The Person, as described either in the Torah or the Christian bible, but I do believe in something, I think. Something bigger than me, something governing the universe more than random chance and entropy.

I am reassured that there are others who feel that way in my class, and in this religion that I’m choosing. This class was invigorating and has me wanting to get back on track. I’ve been feeling unfocused in my religious journey, but I want to get my shit together and get back to work.

So I’ll try to get back to work. I’ve picked up another couple books, and I’ll try to read some of the class books even during the break before the next semester. If things align, next semester might even happen in person, at the synagogue. That will add a whole new level of challenge and required dedication, but I think it would be nice to be surrounded by these people who want to learn what I want to learn.

This still feels like the right course, the right interest, the right pursuit. I guess I am where we all always are. The best step a man can take is the next one.

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