Living a Jewish Life Class

Study Methods

So I’ve started doing some of the reading for class (you know, the one that doesn’t start for 2 more weeks?) and I’ve got a bit of a study plan worked out, that I’m going to write here to share and to keep track.

Most weeks have readings from Intro to Judaism, A History, and Jewish Living. Intro to Judaism is kind of a confusing place to start because it gives a list of vocab words and then a bunch of quotes and prayer options and very little concrete explanation of what’s happening. Jewish Living gives extensive concrete explanation. I don’t have a good sense of A History yet because I’ve only read the timeline at the back.

I think I’m going to start by looking at the vocab words in Intro to Judaism and writing them in my journal, like so:

Then I’ll go read Jewish Living to get my overview and be on the lookout for those vocab words. I’ll write them in either as I find them or at the end. Then I’ll read the sources in Intro to Judaism. Then the history section. I’ll take notes along with all of this as I can.

Anyway y’all I’m just really excited and just want class to be here already.

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