Living a Jewish Life Class

Living a Jewish Life Class

The class starts in January! It’s with Congregation Beth Israel in Austin, and I haven’t interacted with the congregation much, but I love the vibe so far. They have a queer social group, they work with refugees, they’re doing a bunch of stuff online for the pandemic.

The class is 2 semesters, spring and fall, every other week on Tuesdays. Ben is going to take it with me! He’s got Jewish ancestry and is interested in learning more about it as a culture and a religion. Also Tuesday is typically our date night, and he’s hanging out with me to support me and still get time together.

There’s a whole lot of reading involved, and some journal prompts, and a writing assignment and test each semester.

I’ll probably abbreviate it LJL pretty frequently because I will find lazy ways to type damn near everything.

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